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Music City Chief Executives™ helps CEOs implement effective short and long-term strategies to accelerate the success of their companies. By focusing on the personal growth of each member, we create stronger leaders and strengthen the business community as a whole. Through situation analysis, issue processing, and goal setting, Music City Chief Executives creates CEO-led strategies that will be effectively implemented and supported by their teams. We also help business owners exit companies on their own terms, helping them achieve financial freedom and a lasting legacy.

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The Many Faces of Culture By: Clark Vitulli “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Peter Drucker, Management Consultant There seems to be no shortage of articles preaching the importance of company culture, and rightly so given the huge impact it has on the success of a business. But seldom does a piece cross my desk that […]

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of gathering with several of my VISTAGE Members and their families to take in a Nashville Sounds game.  It was a wonderful evening, a beautiful sky, and a great game (Go Sounds!)  Is there anything better than summertime and the great American sport?!   Then it hit me … what’s better […]