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Just Your Typical VISTAGE Executive Peer Group Meeting…

by Clark Vitulli | Posted on July 26, 2017

TRANSFORMING how you present yourself and your company’s image … LEARNING and GROWING … GENERATING NEW BUSINESS … PUTTING MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. Ya know – just another day with your fellow, high-performing, successful business-leading VISTAGE Members!

This particular 3-hour interactive workshop was presented by the well-known thought-leader, Ira Bass. His topic: “Get LinkedIn or Be LeftOut!” Everyone in attendance was rewarded by a ton of valuable tips and key learnings about their personal LinkedIn site, from their profile photo to their headline, to their history, description, their why, experience and so much more. Three intense hours with this high-performing group, including reviewing each person’s LinkedIn profile for all to see. (Frankly, I learned as much as anyone – and I’ve already altered my personal LI profile just this past weekend!)

As hot as this Speaker and his Topic were, it’s just one in a long line of Topics in our monthly meetings that help to transform Members’ lives and add value to their company. Topics like … The Growth Myth … Dance in the End Zone … You’re Not the Person I Hired … Accountability … The Branding Highway … IT Security – What CEOs Need to Know … Piercing Conversations … Mega Trends and the Next Economy … and so many more.

These are not lunch-and-learns, breakfast meetings or half-day meetings (of course, they all have their place as well). These are serious, all-day sessions with CEOs, Business Owners and Key Executives who are totally dedicated to improving their lives and their businesses. I really love working with them. And I know I get more than I give.

Oh, and when this morning’s workshop was over, the action continued. After lunch, our Host/Member made a detailed presentation about his company, its growth path, full financials, what’s working/what’s not, his family, key learnings during the last year … and more. As always, we gave him productive, unbiased feedback about his presentation and his business.

Then, the real meat of this full-day meeting was after the Host Presentation. That’s when Members had the opportunity to voluntarily get clarity and “carefrontational” insights from their fellow, unbiased Group Members about a confidential Issue or Opportunity going on in their businesses and/or personal lives that they needed feedback on. This unique process could rarely be duplicated elsewhere. (I know from experience – it helped me grow my start-up business from scratch to $200M in just eight years.) The issues discussed at this particular meeting were strategic and significant to that Member’s company success. The facilitated discussions were in a safe, confidential environment where the Members had no agenda other than to help their fellow Members learn and grow. The kind of feedback on this day they simply couldn’t get from their Boards, their fellow co-workers or even their spouses.

All VISTAGE peer group meetings are led by Chairpersons like me – trained facilitators and coaches with real-world experience in business. Most are former CEOs, business owners and/or C-Suite execs who came up the ranks the hard way – many with scars to prove it (I speak from experience!). We typically come from a life of success and want to transform to a life of significance … giving back to the business world.

If any of this recent, real-life story has interest to you and you’d like to learn more, check out the website, watch a few of their quick Member Testimonials, call their 800# … and if you’re in the central Tennessee area, feel free to reach out to me:,, 615.207.2581.

PS: VISTAGE Membership, if you are approved, is not free. Most Members report getting back 10-100X their investment.

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