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We’re Not Just a Peer Group… We’re More Like Family

by Clark Vitulli | Posted on September 1, 2017

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of gathering with several of my VISTAGE Members and their families to take in a Nashville Sounds game.  It was a wonderful evening, a beautiful sky, and a great game (Go Sounds!)  Is there anything better than summertime and the great American sport?!  

Then it hit me … what’s better than being together with people you enjoy being around? Exceptional people you chose to surround yourself with.  We all wanted to be there, we all chose to be there.  And why?  Not from obligation, or necessity but because we enjoy one another’s company.  Because there is a sense of belonging when you are in a safe group and can share what is really going on in your work, your home, and your life.  

We don’t just process business issues, we process personal lives, marriages, kids, and so much more.  We allow one another to be “messy,” to not have all the answers, but instead to ask all the right questions – and help conquer some pretty monumental Member challenges.

So, getting together on this Saturday night with our VISTAGE group meant something.  And I’m proud to call myself a “family” member of this exceptional group.  I’m honored to walk alongside these women and men as we navigate leadership, relationships, business issues and share our personal challenges and stories.  And while we’re at it, sharing a couple of hot dogs too! 🙂