Executive Coaching Erin, TN

Executive Coaching with Clark Vitulli is a tailored, 1:1 experience designed to help you strategize around your unique work/life issues.

Address the challenges on your plate today and chart a course toward the personal and professional goals you’d like to reach next.

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This isn’t another mastermind or canned program.

At Music City Chief Executives, we understand that driven, forward-thinking Erin executives like you need a different kind of coach. 

You need an expert to meet you exactly where you are, help you dig deep, and prioritize what’s important to you in work and in life.

Clark helps high-performing Erin executives like you navigate complex challenges, including:
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Ready to get what you want from your Erin business?

Resolve your serious business challenges and strategize around opportunities with personalized, executive-focused consulting from Clark Vitulli.

What to Expect from Executive Coaching


Coaching on your Schedule

The executive calendar can be unpredictable; we get that. Executive Coaching gives you flexible access to Clark on your time, with on-site, phone, and videoconferencing options available.


Complete Confidentiality

Some leadership issues aren’t appropriate for group discussion, even in a confidential Vistage group. Executive coaching affords you the privacy and space to speak freely and sort through complex personal and professional details as you create strategies and solutions to your biggest business challenges.


Personalized Attention

Strategize around your company’s biggest challenges, analyze tough decisions, and optimize your personal approach to business success. This isn’t a prescribed course; Clark will simply meet you where you are and make a plan to help you get where you want to go.

Music City Chief Executives founder and CEO Clark Vitulli is one of Nashville’s most sought-after private business consultants because he’s been where you are.

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Known as the “CEO Whisperer,” Clark draws on decades of experience as a C-suite executive, entrepreneur, and mentor. No matter where you are in your career, he’s been in your shoes, from climbing the corporate ladder in senior leadership positions to serving as COO of Mazda Motor of America; from reporting directly to the great Lee Iacocca to building and selling his own $200 MM company.

Suffice it to say, he’s not your average business coach. Read Clark’s story here.

Clark is a Vistage Chair for CEO and KEY Executive Advisory Boards, currently serving as leader, facilitator, trusted advisor, coach, and mentor for three private CEO and KEY Executive Advisory Groups in Nashville. Through Music City Chief Executives, he provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and specialized consulting services to some of the area’s most visible leaders.

Music City Chief Executives™ helps C-suite leaders like you become stronger, more strategic leaders, and that strengthens Nashville’s business community for everyone.

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