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“Clark and Vistage has helped me tremendously since I joined in 2016. With Vistage, I get my own personal Board of Directors to keep “the main thing the main thing”. Additionally, my one-on-one session with Clark provides an opportunity to have an independent voice challenge, encourage, and advise me on a monthly basis. It’s something I look forward to every month or if I need a quick dose of coaching medicine.”

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Kelly McCreight

CEO, Hamilton-Ryker

“The high point of my career was working for Clark at America’s PowerSports, which he founded from a concept to 17 Powersports Dealerships nation-wide. With his leadership, along with the training and tools he provided to his General Managers, I was able to lead one of his top-performing dealerships year after year. His leadership style allowed me to accomplish more than I could have ever done on my own!”

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Rodney Barkalow

Industry Specialist, Powersports

“Clark has been instrumental in my growth as a CEO…If you are looking for a knowledgable, yet humble coach to get you to the next level as an executive, then you would be remiss to overlook Clark and his vast skill set.”

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Matt McCauley

President, Logo Brands

“Clark is a true leader and an awesome coach. As part of a Vistage CEO group, the speakers, the discussions all are valuable tools. With Clark at the helm and his quest to always find improved ways is an inspiration take away from every meeting and 1-2-1. I highly recommend Clark and am grateful to be part of his Vistage group.”

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Connie Gowder

President, Connico Incorporated

“As Chairman/CEO of a company with an international stable of ultra high net worth clients it’s imperative to eliminate mistakes and Clark’s sound business skill set assist us with important decisions that eliminate potential errors.”

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Samuel Watson

Chairman & CEO, Cool Springs Life & Cool Springs Financial Group

“Clark is an amazing mentor and coach. He has an uncanny knack to be simultaneously supportive and encouraging at the same time holding your feet to the fire when necessary….Clark is truly a “CEO Whisperer.” 

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Hermant Dandekar

Global Executive | Growth Strategy | P&L Ownership | President, Porcelain Industries

“Clark is by far one of the best business mentors I have ever met.  He’s been there, done that and knows exactly what you need to learn.  The thing is, he doesn’t always tell you that, but rather, leads you down the path of discovery for yourself, so you will own it.”

Mark LeBerte

Mark LeBerte

President | CEO, ATECH, Inc.

“Clark’s extensive executive experience coupled with his successful entrepreneurial endeavors gives him the unique ability to provide powerful guidance and recommendations to both small and large organizations…[Clark’s] coaching has greatly helped both me and our organization.”

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J.R. Green

President & CEO, Psychiatric Medical Care/Senior Life Solutions

“Clark, great to see your continued success in this video. You were a great partner for me as I was leading my Nashville-based company through a $100 million growth phase over five years. Stay safe in these unprecedented times.”

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Robert Graumann

President | CEO | COO, ShopSabre CNC

“I am two meetings in to Clark Vitulli’s #Vistage group and am blown away by how much I have learned in that short amount of time.”

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Alan Claton

Chief Operations Officer, Frost-Arnett

“Humbled and proud to be in one of Clark’s Vistage group! Life and career changing. hashtagnosmoke.”

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Jason Shelton

General Manager, Loretto Telecom

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